What should you expect?

  • A safeguarding policy is in place
  • To know the Club Welfare Officer
  • That the coach is appropriately qualified, vetted and has signed the Declaration of Intention
  • That sessions are properly supervised
  • That sessions follow the LTPD
  • That sessions focus on skill development and participation

Parents Role

  • Check out the club
  • Sign Parental Consent
  • Adhere to Code of Conduct
  • Be prepared to help out
  • Ask about the coaches
  • Watch the sessions – observe that your child is enjoying themselves
  • Review at their pace
  • Mini – skill development and multi-sport participation

Player Centered

  • Fun, multi-sport, non-threatening but challenging
  • Research & Youth Consultation
  • Player centered coach
  • Parents provide opportunities
  • LTPD
  • Manage Expectations

Benefits of ‘Play’

  • Does not hinder elite sports participation
  • Linked to longer sports career
  • ‘Deliberate Play’ in early years builds confidence and intrinsic motivation
  • Builds confidence to continue in sport or play at recreational level
  • Adolescents – physical, cognitive, social, emotional skills


They are

  • Not the Irish team
  • Over eager to please
  • Developing

You are

  • Their Role Model
  • Their Support

It’s their game – not yours - play your part

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