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Part of our commitment to our clients is our open lines of communications and our innovative approach to finding solutions that meet their needs. Some of these solutions include the development of policies, plans and procedures that can be integrated into our client's core business activities and also the development of self assessment templates that suit a wide range of industries and sectors.

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Policies Plans & Procedures

The use of organisational policies, plans and procedures is a vital element of good security practice yet few know how to create and use them to best advantage. RMS will develop polices, plans and procedures that support each other to streamline your working methods and increase the effectiveness of your security. We will show how you can revitalise your organisational security and maximise compliance.
At RMS we already have a suit of 22 customised policies, 12 sets of Plans and 50 Procedures that can be tailored specifically to meet your individual and business needs.

Best Practice Templates

1. Risk Assessment Templates
2. Health & safety Audit Reports
3. Fire Assessments
4. Security & Management Assessments
5. Loss Prevention Assessments



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