Training Services



RMS offer a number of different training courses that group or individuals can participate in.

All courses are conducted by fully qualified trainers with years of experience.

Training courses provided are:

Terrorism Awareness

This training course has been designed to bring awareness to attendees who work in high risk locations such as critical infrastructure and significant buildings to the threat of terrorism.

This training will help attendees to identify terrorist practices and provide strategies that can be implemented in the workplace to reduce it as a potential target.

Risk Analysis & Surveyors

This course has been designed to provide comprehensive training at all levels in security surveying and risk analysis of new and existing assignments. Attendees will gain in-depth knowledge of how to carry out surveys and will then demonstrate their newly acquired skills by performing a survey on a building as well as producing reports to support their findings and outline their recommendations. Attendees will then produce a set of assignment instructions detailing routines and procedures using the details recorded on their reports.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

This course provides a step-by-step guide to the principles of CPTED and the process of incorporating it into security planning, projects and initiatives. During the course, attendees will have the opportunity to practice the principles taught by taking part in a CPTED exercise.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution training has been a much neglected subject in the past, but the need to train security personnel and other staff in this subject has now become of paramount importance. This course has been designed to provide practical solutions to persons deployed in a frontline security, customer service or public reassurance role.

Maritime Security - International Ships & Port Facility Security Code

This course will cover all aspects of ship and port security including potential threats to a maritime facility, ship and personnel.  In order to obtain the necessary certificate “Security / Facility Personnel” all required topics will be covered, including ports, terminals, ships, containers, cargo, passengers, stores, bunkers, etc.  The program will be conducted by means of visual aids, handouts, interactive discussions and exercises. 

Security Systems & Procedures

This programme is aimed at up-skilling security officers with 3 years or more experience within the industry with further qualifications to include a Fetac Level 5 qualification. It is also designed to provide security officers new to the industry with the basic knowledge to assist them to carry out everyday security tasks.

Security Industry Awareness & Basic Guarding Skills

This programme is designed to provide security officers new to the industry with the basic knowledge to assist them to carry out everyday security tasks. It is also suitable for security officers already working within the industry who wish to gain their first qualification.

Hostage, Kidnap & Ransom including Tiger Kidnapping

Staff employed in senior positions and in vulnerable roles are increasingly exposed to risks from protesters, fanatics and organised criminal gangs. This one-day programme provides staff and their families with strategic, measured and coherent strategies to reduce vulnerability.

Employment Screening

The importance of effective vetting within the security industry is paramount and industry codes of practice operate a stringent pre-employment security screening system. This system has to ensure that personnel involved in the vetting process have the necessary information to enable the process to be effectively and successfully undertaken. This one-day course, which has been recently redesigned, covers all areas related to this sensitive and critical area.

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