Home Security Tips



Utilise the following 10 tips to keep your home secure and unattractive to potential burgulars.


Step 1: Join Neighbourhood Watch
Become a member of Neighbourhood Watch and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Your neighbours are your most valuable security asset.

Step 2: Mark your Valuables (Operation Identification)
This is important for discouraging theft as well as assisting in the identification of recovered property.

Step 3: Maintain Fences, Trees and Shrubs
Trees and shrubs should be trimmed or lowered to allow a clear view of the house. This will remove hiding places and improve your neighbours visibility should you need assistance.

Step 4: Backyard Security - Block Easy Entrances
Fences or other barriers, such as garage doors at either side of your home will make it more difficult for an offender to enter and work in the "safety" of your backyard. Ensure that all tools are stored away and outbuildings are locked securely.

Step 5: Advantageous Lighting
Lighting such as flood lamps should be installed to minimize hiding spots for the "would be" offender, particularly whilst you are at home.

Step 6: Protect your Power Supply
Have a viewing window installed in the lid of your meter box, and a strong security padlock or key lock installed.

Step 7: Be Aware of Door Locks
Normal sized keys which fit into knob locks (typically fitted to most homes) are a burglar's delight. These locks must be backed up with a security lock or deadbolt to protect your home from easy access. Also make sure you fit a key operated lock to aluminum sliding doors in particular.

Step 8: Use key operated Window Locks
Key operated locks provide a much greater level of security than manufacturer fitted catches. Remember not to leave keys in the locks or in any visible area.
Step 9: Fit Security Screens and Doors
Have security screens fitted to the doors or portion of the windows that are left open for ventilation. Make sure doors are "key locked" as the latch (snib) device on many doors cannot ensure maximum security for your home.

Step 10: Use a quality Alarm System
Intruders are far less likely to break into a house with an alarm system that complies with European Standard EN 50131. Monitoring Services are also very effective for providing an immediate response to an activated alarm. It is important to use only licensed security providers for these services. Information can be found at: www.psa.gov.ie

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