Internal Auditing



Internal auditing is fundamental to any quality improvement initiative. In particular, the ISO 9001 series of standards require that an organisation conduct internal quality audits to determine the effectiveness of its quality system. Auditors carrying out these internal audits should be competent to do so.

RMS will develop and conduct audits based on the ISO 9001 series of standards and other relevant industry standards, both national and International or sector specific. RMS has experience in a range of different areas of internal auditing, to include the Irish Standards relating to the Security Industry (IS 999:2004, IS 998:2006, IS228:1997, EN50131) and International Standards, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 28000:2006. Our audits are designed and developed based on your business needs and the relevant quality assurance procedures, encompassing the relevant standards.

RMS will also develop audits to test operational compliance against internal policies and procedures across all areas of your business.

Samples of such audits are:

  • Training
  • Document Control
  • Customer Management
  • New Business
  • Recruitment & Vetting
  • Control & Inspection of Equipment
  • Control & Inspection of Transport
  • Service Defects / Customer Complaints
  • Purchase Ordering
  • Petty Cash


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