ISPS Auditing



To combat terrorism and other threats the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has proclaimed certain measures. These measures, the Safety Of Lives At Sea (SOLAS) Treaty and the International Ships and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, contain regulations and recommendations to which ships owners and the receiving port facilities should comply with.

The European parliament has adopted the alterations of the SOLAS Treaty 1974 with the accompanying ISPS Code integrally and has introduced additional measures where necessary. The regulation has become effective as of 1st July 2004.

Is your Facility compliant with the regulations outlined within the code?
Are Port Facility Security Assessments being conducted in respect of your operations?
Is your Port Facility Security Plan up to date and has it been approved by the Department of Marine and transport?

RMS have fully developed PFSA's, SSA's which meet with the requirements of DTMB and have extensive experience in the development of facility specific procedures and PFSP's.

Our principle consultant is also registered with The Department of Marine and Transport as a PFSO within a major facility in Dublin Port.

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